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The Belgorod and Stary Oskol eparchy

The holy relics of St. Iosaph of Belgorod rest in the Transfiguration cathedral in Belgorod. The miracle-working icons of the Holy Mother of God «Znamenye», wonderfully renewed in 1998; and the icon of St. Nicolas, called «Nicolas Martial», that protected citizens from Mongol-Tatar invasion, are in the same cathedral.

The miracle-working Cross of Koshary, that was found by a blind man in the swamp and gave him recovery of his sight, is in the Exaltation of the Holy Cross church in Belgorod.

The icon of the Smolensk Holy Mother of God, wonderfully appeared over the gates of the castle wall in 1703, is respected in the Smolensk cathedral.

The main object of worship in the Tikhvin Holy Mother of God monastery is the icon of the Tikhvin Holy Mother of God, famous for its numerous healings, is nowadays in the Archstrategist Michael church in Borisovka village, Belgorod region.

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