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The Murmansk eparchy

The holy relics of St. Trophon Pechengsky rest in the Assumption the Holy Mother of God church in the Pechenegsky grave-yard.

The holy relics of St. Varllam Keretsky rest behind the east side of altar in the Holy George church in Keret village.

The holy relics of Stt. reverend martyrs Iona, Herman and Guri, as well as locally revered Stt. Aksy, Avsenty, Tarasy Joseph Pakhomy, and 37 monks, 53 prayers rest under a bushel in the Birth of Christ church in the Triphpnov monastery, that was founded by St. Triphonov Pechengsky.

The holy relics of Stt. Aksiy, Avksenty, Tarasy Kashkaransky - Solovetsky monks rest under a bushel in the altar part at the place of former church in Kashkaranysy village.

7511 year
from creation of world

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